Additional Publications

Book Chapters

“Pairing model simulation on a quantum computer”, by M.S. Byrd, L.-A. Wu, and D.A. Lidar,  in “Condensed Matter Series” Vol. 20, J.W. Clark, R.M. Panoff and H. Li, Eds. (Nova Science Publishers), pp. 485-496 (2006) 

Conference Proceedings

“Encoded Universality in Physical Implementations of a Quantum Computer”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum Computation, Sydney, Australia (IQC 01), p. 257-264 (2001), Rinton D. Bacon, J. Kempe, D.P. DiVincenzo, D.A. Lidar, K. B. Whaley. [pdf]

“Quantum Computers and Decoherence: Exorcising the Demon from the Machine”, “Noise and Information in Nanoelectronics, Sensors, and Standards”, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 5115, p. 256-270 (2003), by D.A. Lidar and L. -A. Wu, Proceedings of the SPIE.[pdf]

“Hybrid Decoherence-free Error-correcting Codes via Quantum Trajectories”, 6th International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC 02), July 22-26, 2002. Proceedings of the Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing, 493-495 (2003), by K. Khodjasteh and D.A. Lidar, ).[pdf]

“Fault-Tolerant Quantum Dynamical Decoupling”,CLEO/QELS 2005 Conference, Baltimore, MD, Joint Symposia on Coherent and Quantum Control, by K. Khodjasteh and D.A. Lidar. [pdf]

“Robust Dynamical Decoupling: Feedback-Free Error Correction”, Proceedings of the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Quantum Information Science], in the International Journal of Quantum Information 3, Supplementary Issue 1, 41-52 (November 2005), by D. A. Lidar and K. Khodjasteh.


“Editorial: How to Control Decoherence and Entanglement in Quantum Complex Systems?”, J. Phys. B 40, E01 (2007), by V. Akulin, G. Kurizki, and D.A. Lidar [PDF]

“Editorial: Quantum Information and Quantum Control”, Quant. Info. and Computation 5, 273 (2005), by P. Brumer, D. Lidar, H.-K. Lo, and A. Steinberg [PDF]


“Dreams Versus Reality: Plenary Debate Session on Quantum Computing”, Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 08, No. 02, pp.C27-C31 (2003), by D. Abbott, C. Doering, C. Caves, D. Lidar, H. Brandt, A. Hamilton, D. Ferry, J. Gea-Banacloche, S. Bezrukov, and L. Kish. [pdf]

Unpublished Preprints

“Coherent quantum annealing in a programmable 2000-qubit Ising chain”, [2202.05847] by A. D. King, S. Suzuki, J. Raymond, A. Zucca, T. Lanting, F. Altomare, A. J. Berkley, S. Ejtemaee, E. Hoskinson, S. Huang, E. Ladizinsky, A. MacDonald, G. Marsden, T. Oh, G. Poulin-Lamarre, M. Reis, C. Rich, Y. Sato, J. D. Whittaker, J. Yao, R. Harris, D. A. Lidar, H. Nishimori, M. H. Amin

“Demonstration of long-range correlations via susceptibility measurements in a one-dimensional superconducting Josephson spin chain”, [2111.04284] by D. M. Tennant, X. Dai, A. J. Martinez, R. Trappen, D. Melanson, M A. Yurtalan, Y. Tang, S. Bedkihal, R. Yang, S. Novikov, J. A. Grover, S. M. Disseler, J. I. Basham, R. Das, D. K. Kim, A. J. Melville, B. M. Niedzielski, S. J. Weber, J. L. Yoder, A. J. Kerman, E. Mozgunov, D. A. Lidar and A. Lupascu

“Low overhead universality and quantum supremacy using only Z-control”, Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033207 (2021), by B. Barch, R. Mohseninia and D. A. Lidar [link]

“Quantum adiabatic theorem for unbounded Hamiltonians, with applications to superconducting circuits”, [2011.08116], by E. Mozgunov and D. A. Lidar

“Boundaries of quantum supremacy via random circuit sampling”, [2005.02464],  by A. Zlokapa, S. Boixo, and D. A. Lidar

“Comment on: “Classical Signature of Quantum Annealing””, [1305.5837], by L. Wang, T. Ronnow, S. Boixo, S. Isakov, Z. Wang, D. Wecker, D. Lidar, J. Martinis, and M. Troyer.

“Reply to M. Ziman’s “Notes on Optimality of Direct Characterization of Quantum Dynamics””, [quant-ph/0604114] by M. Mohseni and D.A. Lidar