Who We Are

We are interested in fundamental
and applied questions in quantum information science. Our group works on a variety of topics, including:

  • Adiabatic quantum computation and quantum annealing, both theoretically and experimentally using the USC D-Wave processor.
  • The theory of open quantum systems.
  • Control of open quantum systems.
  • Theory of decoherence suppression: quantum error correction, decoherence-free subspaces/subsystems, dynamical decoupling.
  • Quantum algorithms.
  • Quantum phase transitions.
  • Topological order and its uses in quantum computation.
  • Physical implementations of quantum computers.

Applications from bright and motivated graduate students and postdocs are always welcome. Please email Prof. Daniel Lidar at lidar AT usc DOT edu.



“Quantum adiabatic theorem for unbounded Hamiltonians with a cutoff and its application to superconducting circuits”, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. 381: 20210407 (2023), by E. Mozgunov and D. A. Lidar [link]