Who We Are

We are interested in fundamental
and applied questions in quantum information science. Our group works on a variety of topics, including:

  • Adiabatic quantum computation and quantum annealing, both theoretically and experimentally using the USC D-Wave processor.
  • The theory of open quantum systems.
  • Control of open quantum systems.
  • Theory of decoherence suppression: quantum error correction, decoherence-free subspaces/subsystems, dynamical decoupling.
  • Quantum algorithms.
  • Quantum phase transitions.
  • Topological order and its uses in quantum computation.
  • Physical implementations of quantum computers.

Applications from bright and motivated graduate students and postdocs are always welcome. Please email Prof. Daniel Lidar at lidar AT usc DOT edu.



“Anneal-path correction in flux qubits”, npj Quantum Information 7, 36 (2021), by M. Khezri, J. Grover, J. Basham, S. Disseler, H. Chen, S. Novikov, K. Zick, D. A. Lidar [link]