Kristen Pudenz

Kristen Pudenz is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering at the University of Southern California. She is also affiliated with the quantum applications group at USC’s Information Sciences Institute. She received her M.S. in electrical engineering from USC in 2011, after graduating summa cum laude with her B.S. in computer engineering from Iowa State University in 2008. Her recent awards include an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, an Annenberg Fellowship, and the Kunzel Award. Her current research interests include error correcting codes and algorithms for adiabatic quantum computations, with a strong emphasis on practical applications.

Room: SSC 606
Email: P U D E N Z A T U S C DOT EDU

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • 2. “Error Corrected Quantum Annealing with Hundreds of Qubits”, Nature Communications 5, 3243 (2014), by K.P. Pudenz, T. Albash, and D.A. Lidar. [pdf]
  • 1 . “Quantum Adiabatic Machine Learning”, Quantum Info. Process. 12, 2027 (2013), by K. Pudenz and D. Lidar. [pdf]


  • 1. “Quantum Annealing Correction for Random Ising Problems”, [1408.4382], by K. Pudenz, T. Albash, and D. Lidar.