Huo Chen

Huo Chen is a PhD candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department of University of Southern California. He obtained his BS from Beijing Univeristy of Posts and Telecommunications in 2011. He then joined the MS program at Stanford University with a focus on nanophotonics. After graduation, he was admitted to USC and joined Daniel Lidar’s group in the spring of 2014.

His current research interests include dynamic decoupling and adiabatic quantum computing along with physical implementations of possible quantum computers.

Room: SSC 605
Email: H U O C H E N  A T U S C DOT EDU

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • 1.   ” Quantum versus simulated anealing in wireless interference network optimizaiton”, Nature Sci. Rep. 25797 (2016), by C. Wang, H. Chen, E. Jonckheere [link]


  • 1. “Why and when is pausing beneficial in quantum annealing?”, [2005.01888] by H. Chen and D. A. Lidar
  • 2. “A Double-Slit Proposal for Quantum Annealing”, [1903.00574], by H. Munoz-Bauza, H. Chen, D. A. Lidar