Ka Wa Yip

Ka Wa obtained a Bsc degree with double major of physics and mathematics from the University of Hong Kong. He later obtained a M.S. degree in physics from Miami University, Ohio in 2015. He did research in quantum optics and his master thesis is “Optical pumping of multiple atoms in the single photon subspace of two-mode cavity QED”. He entered Lidar’s group in summer 2016.

Room: SSC 611
Email: K A W A Y I P A T U S C DOT EDU


Peer Reviewed Publications

  • 2. “Reverse quantum annealing of the p-spin model with relaxation”, Phys. Rev. A. 101, 022331 (2020), by G. Passarelli, K.W. Yip, D. A. Lidar, H. Nishimori and P. Lucignano [link]
  • 1 “Quantum trajectories for time-dependent adiabatic master equations”, Phys. Rev. A 97, 022116 (2018), by K. W. Yip, T. Albash, D. A. Lidar [link]